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StaldVent - Software for Sustainable Ventilation and Heating of Animal Houses

Staldvent forsideStaldVent is a decision support PC-program for design of heating and ventilation systems for livestock buildings and for analysis of energy consumption and indoor thermal climate.

Optimal ventilation equipment gives the farmer an improved working environment, better animal welfare and minimizes the energy consumption.

StaldVent is an advanced, Danish software program that takes into account all parameters when livestock building ventilation and temperature must be dimensioned correctly.

StaldVent calculate ventilation requirements by combining authority environmental requirements with the highest standards of animal welfare, occupational health and odor reduction - including ammonia reduction.

StaldVent used by manufacturers ventilation and ventilation technicians in most of Europe, so livestock ventilation and climate is always ideal. For animals, humans and environment.

StaldVent is used at universities and technical colleges around the world, when future engineers learn and understand how to develop and calculate the best and most environmentally friendly livestock climate.

Whether you produce poultry, pigs or cattle means a proper livestock ventilation great savings . Animals are very sensitive to temperature changes and varying humidity. Therefore, a proper ventilation contribute to optimizing the production.

Be added a better animal welfare, a better work environment and a better external environment when the livestock building is ventilated optimally and energy-friendly.