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StaldVent Advantages



StaldVent gives you a safe design and dimensioning of livestock buildings including heating- and ventilation systems for cattle’s, pigs, poultry and turkeys. System based on both natural and mechanical ventilation can be handled.

The design is based on local climate data given in the TMY2 format. In the TMY2 format the climate parameters such as temperature, humidity, solar radiation, wind speed, wind direction etc. are specially selected for calculation of energy related applications. All American states have their own official TMY2-database, which describes the locally climatic conditions.

A correctly designed and dimensioned heating and ventilation system contributes to minimize health problems and increases the animal welfare. This together with an optimum energy utilization improves the profitability of animal production.

Design of ventilation system based on centralized exhaust can also be handled. For these systems main and side channels can be dimensioned giving the air distribution and pressure difference as a function of the selected control strategy. A correctly channel design is very important for central exhausts systems in order to avoid problems with commuting (pendulation).



Once the heating and ventilation systems are designed it is possible to calculate the hourly heat and electricity consumption based on the actual climate conditions. From the graphic output it is very easy to get an overview of energy consumption as a function of the selected operation parameters. For example the advantage using frequency controllers for the fan motors is easily demonstrated.

With the simulation module it is possible to calculate the in house ammonia concentration together with the yearly ammonia emission from pig and poultry houses with and without air cleaning system. Both chemical scrubbers and bio-filters can be simulated.

Further more it is possible to calculate the indoor temperature and humidity when using different kinds of cooling/humidifying systems. This is rather important in areas where the summer is hot and the winter is cold – continental climate. Cooling system based on spray-cooling, PAD-cooling and mechanical cooling can be simulated.



The program contains a database with technical and economical data for a number of components. This database can be customized by the individual companies. With the build in component configurator it is possible to combine different components and calculate the system characteristic.

Further more prices, item numbers, item text etc. can be drawn out for a quotation on the customers own paper. Data exchange with ordinary economy systems such as Navision and SAP can be performed.



The software is used for getting approval from the Danish authorities for emission of ammonia and odour in livestock buildings which need air cleaning equipment.



At the moment we have approximately 300 StaldVent licenses running. The software is being used in different countries including: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, France, Ireland, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Slovakia. The users are mainly ventilation companies, agro consultants, universities and research institutes.