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About StaldVent

In order to obtain a good climate for livestock and pleasant working environment for the farmers, correct design of ventilation and heating systems are essential factors, both in closed insulated and in open non-insulated livestock buildidngs. On the basis of this, a computer program for easier selection and optimisation of livestock ventilation and heating systems has been developed by DIAS, Department of Agricultural Engineering in collaboration with manufacturers.

The StaldVent Program

The StaldVent program provides farmers with proposals for the sizing of ventilation and heating systems, selection of components and simulation of expected climate and energy consumption throughout the year. The development of StaldVent dates back to the eighties. The purpose was to make knowledge about livestock climate conditions easily available for the selection of livestock ventilation systems by a PC-program.

Open Livestock Building Requirements

The characteristics of the livestock production will be decisive for the size of the ventilation system needed. After information about the species the number and weight of the animals will be entered into the program. StaldVent will then calculate the required ventilation rate at maximum ventilation. The program contains standard values for cattle, pigs and poultry and preliminary for turkeys. Values for animal heat moisture and CO production are included in the standard values. It may be necessary to instal heating systems in houses with climate sensitive animals. In connection with insulation of the buildings the effect of the systems must be evaluated. Furthermore the livestock climat throughout the year and the expected energy consumption should always be analysed in connection with the design.